Sunday, 1 May 2011

Part 3

Our bedroom with the absolute suntrap of the bay window. Very tiny room with weird angles all over the place - still trying to sort this room out. There was also no hardware in any of the wardrobes so this has held things up too while we went to purchase a wardrobe system - ugh who needs to wear clothes!! OK rhetorical question - don't answer that!

Tommy's bedroom with his weird set up that he is perfectly happy with thank you very much. The hole in the wall is the "tuck shop" and provides access to the alcove in the kitchen that we have set up as the breakfast area. Another gorgeous sunny room.

The boys' lounge upstairs they are really happy up here especially with that fridge that they think they are keeping - got news for them!

The view from Nick's bedroom and if you enlarge the pic you can see the ocean in the background -way cool. This was another interesting room in that the windows looking at the view were all screwed shut when we arrived and there was lock on the outside of the door - all have now been removed although we might re-think that one :-)

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lianne said...

wow Lynda this looks fantastic, can't wait to come down and visit :)

Roo said...

Well on the move again chickie :-) Loving the new house - all that space - aaah nice :-)
Funny I haven't visited a blog in ages and clicked on your link and find you in Wanganui lol.